19 Unforgettable 40th Birthday Ideas for Her in 2024 (2024)

Turning 40 is a milestone in anyone’s life, so it’s essential to make the most of this event and celebrate it in the most memorable way possible. For most women, turning 40 is a time to reflect on their past and look forward to their future. It’s also the perfect time to celebrate her with a birthday party she’ll never forget! So come along with us as we take a look at some unforgettable 40th birthday ideas for her!

Turning 40 is a big deal, but that doesn’t mean you must shy away from some fun and frolic. At least as much fun and frolic as you think the birthday girl will enjoy. Always consider the preferences of the birthday girl before planning anything too crazy.

If she is not excited about her birthday, skip the surprise party and plan something more personal and heart-warming for the occasion.

To help you make the most of this occasion, we’ve rounded up some classic birthday favs and some unique ideas that will surely make your loved one feel special on this day!

Table of Contents

  • Make it an Intimate Affair
  • Let Her Unwind
  • Show Her the World
  • All About Her
  • Decoration Checklist for a Successful 40th Birthday Party for Her
  • Conclusion
  • FAQ

Make it an Intimate Affair

As some people grow older, they grow to appreciate the comfort of home and the company of their loved ones. Hosting a BBQ or dinner party is sometimes all a person needs to feel loved and appreciated on her special day. Here are some of our top ideas for an intimate party:

1. Backyard BBQ

Most people love a BBQ during summer or springtime (if she is lucky to be born in those seasons!), so you can’t go wrong with this idea. Invite family and friends over for a fun grilling day – think sausage, ribeye steaks, burgers and more! Remember to add some vegan and vegetarian options for your guests to ensure they all enjoy the event.

2. Age Like Fine Wine

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Another way of telling the woman of your life that she is ageing like fine wine is by hosting a private wine tasting for her and her closest friends. Pick a pretty vineyard like the Brickhouse Vineyard that offers a tour and a wine-tasting session for the occasion.

If she is not keen on going out, you could organise a wine-tasting session at home by ordering a kit and having the experts guide you through an online tasting session. If her besties are miles away, they could join virtually from wherever they are!

3. Private Chef at Her Service

If the birthday girl prefers an intimate affair, you could ask a private chef to come over and cook for her and some guests. Make her tummy happy by hiring a chef to create her favourite five-star gourmet meal.

The perks of these types of experiences are that you won’t have to worry about a thing, and the chef will take care of everything from cooking to cleaning and serving the meal. You can find private chefs on platforms such as Cozymeal.

Check out some nearby restaurants to make this experience even more special.

Find her perfect birthday venue

4. Play Dress Up

How about throwing a costume-themed party for your partner’s birthday? Select a theme that she loves, like Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings. Dressing up is a fun activity that takes you back to your childhood and gives you a chance to celebrate your favourite characters. Need some inspiration? Check out these 170 birthday themes to make your party a hit.

Get ready for a day filled with epic convos, fun and laughter, and remember to capture those priceless moments with lots of pictures.

Let Her Unwind

Sometimes, all a woman needs is a day or a few of relaxation. Whether at the spa or by just chilling and doing nothing, there are several ways to help her unwind for her special day. Here are some of our favourite ones:

5. Relax at the Spa

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A spa session’s effects are longer lasting than a box of chocolates! If she’s one of those who rarely has time to unwind, why not offer her a well-deserved treat at the spa?

Treat the woman of your life to a relaxing Ayurvedic session or a deep tissue massage to help her release stress and tension and enjoy her birthday in a relaxing way.

6. Host a Potluck Party

Forget about cooking and cleaning up after the party. Instead, opt for a potluck party where everyone brings their favourite dishes. You could even sneak in some recipes to ensure the birthday celebrant has her favourite dishes on the menu. Just make sure to get the cake and candles!

7. Beach Fun Day

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You can never go wrong with a beach day! If you are lucky to have a beach near you, why not celebrate by the ocean? With sand beneath her feet and the warm sun on her skin, the queen of the day will feel energised and relaxed.

Pack a picnic bag with her favourite snacks and drinks and take her to the beach. You can take it further by playing her favourite music and watching the sunset together.

Show Her the World

Some women hate being stuck at home on their birthday and crave adventure, so why not offer her a birthday experience that will blow her mind?

8. Local Boat Tour

When was the last time the birthday girl went out and saw the world from a different perspective? You can’t remember, right? Take her on a boat tour to show her the city’s beauty from a new angle.

Rent a private boat for a few hours or the day and let her enjoy the fresh breeze and magnificent views surrounding the water. Ask her closest friends to join her for a toast as they cruise and cap it off with a delicious dinner on the boat or somewhere else.

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Find a perfect birthday boat

9. Vegas Trip

Treat her to an experience of a lifetime! Send your girl away on a Vegas trip she will remember for the rest of her life.

From live music, magic shows to casinos, Las Vegas has everything needed for a fun birthday trip. There are many things to do in Sin City, from immersive entertainment in AREA15 to a Zombie Burlesque Show.

10. Parachute Time

Make her feel the adrenaline rush by jumping out of an aeroplane! It’s probably one of the most common bucket list items out there, but it’s definitely a fun surprise. If your better half is more of a thrill seeker, she will undoubtedly enjoy parachuting out of an aeroplane – ring in 40 with a daring experience.

11. Pub Crawl

Are you looking for unforgettable ideas for her 40th birthday party? How about exploring all her favourite breweries and indulging in a wide range of delicious beers your city or town offers? A pub crawl is an exciting adventure that will make her celebration truly special.

But suppose she prefers a cosy gathering at home. Why not create a memorable experience by curating a selection of delightful craft beers and hosting a laid-back beer-tasting party?

It’s a fun and unique way to celebrate her milestone birthday with close friends, creating lasting memories while enjoying fantastic brews in a relaxed atmosphere. Cheers to an unforgettable 40th birthday bash!

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12. Ski the Years Away

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Skiing is a magical way to celebrate a birthday and create lasting memories. Whether she’s an avid skier or it is her first time skiing, there is no question that this type of experience will make her birthday memorable.

You could make it a group outing with some close friends or rent a ski chalet to spend the day together and make the most of the season.

13. Take a Cruise

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Celebrate her birthday with a bang by booking a fantastic cruise for her or both of you. If you have the budget, set sail for an amazing trip.

Picture yourselves basking in the sun on the deck of a cruise ship and enjoying the beautiful surroundings. It’s a unique way to commemorate her milestone birthday, surrounded by laughter, relaxation and ocean views.

So book a cruise and make this 40th birthday a maritime adventure to remember.

14. Dance the Night Away

The night is still young, and so is she! Get your lady to put on her red shoes and dance at a favourite club or a concert. For those who want to make it more special, take her to a concert by Madonna or any of her favourite artists. Dancing and singing won’t only bring back some sweet memories but will also make her feel great!

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Check out some fab party spaces

All About Her

A memorable birthday party starts with making the birthday girl feel loved and cared about. We’ve included some ideas to help your beloved feel extra special on her birthday.

13. ‘How Well Do You Know Her’ Trivia

Gather your friends and family members together to host a trivia night that’s all about her. Use Trivia Maker to create trivia questions and answers about the birthday celebrant. From her favourite colours to her first job, there is plenty to choose from and talk about.

A personalised trivia night will not only make your special one’s birthday memorable, but it will also be an opportunity to spend some quality time with those who matter the most to her. You could even add a little reward for the winners to make it more exciting!

14. Paint and Sip

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We recommend hosting a paint and sip session for all of the creative birthday girls out there. You can even go all out and make it an unforgettable 40th birthday by customising the painting kit. There are plenty of options like this customised painting kit on Etsy that you can buy to make the painting experience more personal.

Don’t forget to share her best shots and ask the guests to show off their painting skills to the star of the party!

P.S. Don’t skip the Dom Perignon!

17. It’s Slideshow Time!

Memories are great, but pictures are better. Create a slideshow of her best memories but make sure the birthday queen is okay with it.

Gather photos from families and friends and compile them into a slideshow. Use a projector to show the slideshow and enjoy fond memories and stories with the party queen!

18. Play Her Favourite Video Game

Time to barrel roll! If your special one is a gamer at heart, why not use this occasion to host a video game tournament at home or at a pub to mark this memorable day?

Make sure that the selected games are her favourite and multi-player so everyone can participate! You could even head to a bar arcade to enjoy some classic games and drinks!

Extra Idea – Volunteer for a Cause

If your better half suggested trying something different and is someone who is always ready to help others, why not volunteer for the occasion? Instead of making it all about her, use this opportunity to gather your friends and family together to make a difference.

Whether it’s for children, the elderly, the underprivileged, or animals, choose a cause she’s passionate about, spread the joy of helping others, and create lasting memories and a positive impact together.

Decoration Checklist for a Successful 40th Birthday Party for Her

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Now that you have a list of options for a 40th birthday party, it’s time to ensure you’ve got everything ready. Here is a list of things to consider when decorating the birthday venue:

  • Birthday balloons
  • Cake topper
  • Cake holder stand
  • Streamers and confetti
  • Centrepieces such as a floral arrangement with her favourite flowers
  • Themed napkins, dinnerware, and tablecloths
  • Tissue paper pom poms
  • Party hats
  • Fairy lights
  • Disco ball for the dancing queen
  • Birthday banners
  • Party favours


Planning a 40th birthday party requires careful planning and thought. It’s essential to remember the birthday celebrant’s likings and hobbies when selecting the theme, activities, and location.

You can treat her taste buds to a wine and cheese tasting or blow them away with a parachute experience. Pick an idea that will make them truly happy, and they’ll remember it for years!

Browsing for the best 40th birthday party venues in town?

You’re just a few clicks away from the prettiest party spaces for her special day. Select your favourite venue now and celebrate her birthday in the most memorable way!

Discover 40th birthday party venues


What are some things to consider when planning a 40th birthday party?

One factor to remember when planning a birthday party is the person’s hobbies and preferences, which will help you choose a suitable theme and activity. The other things to remember are the time of the year, as the party venue will depend on the season; if it is too cold, you should likely pick an indoor venue. The guest list is another essential part of the party planning. Do you intend to invite only family, or will it be a mix of all groups and ages? Lastly, remember that the location is crucial to the event’s success. If the party venue is far from the attendees, they’re less likely to show up. Other things to consider are the budget, entertainment, food and drinks.

How do I make a 40th birthday memorable?

There are many ways to make a 40th birthday party memorable. While some people may prefer a dinner party at home, others prefer more adventurous activities such as skiing or jumping from a flying aeroplane. Cruises and trips can make the person feel extra pampered on their birthday, but so can a spa day or a trivia that’s all about them. The most important thing is to allow the person to relax and have fun in whichever way they feel like.

What are some colours recommended for a 40th birthday theme for her?

Burgundy, pink and gold are the most famous colours for 40th birthday parties. The colours will add a classy touch to any party. You don’t have to turn everything burgundy; you can also add a few burgundy or gold accents to your space to add a touch of elegance to the venue. If you want to read more, you can check out some other tips for a successful birthday celebration.

19 Unforgettable 40th Birthday Ideas for Her in 2024 (2024)
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