Below Deck: What Happened To Alissa Humber? (2024)


  • Alissa is in a new relationship with a man named Alessandro.
  • Alissa hasn't shared recent yachting career updates.
  • Alissa was fired from Below Deck due to a disrespectful interaction with Captain Sandy.

Alissa Humber's last and only appearance was on Below Deck season 10, but what has she been up to since? Viewers met Alissa during Below Deck season 10, where she worked as a stew under Chief Stew Faster Olender. While she had an attitude at times, Alissa was one of the better stews onboard. The only reason she would become activated at times was when she had to work closely with stew/deckhand Camille Lamb. Alissa and Camilla butted heads the entire time they worked together, which often got on Fraser's nerves.

Luckily for Alissa, Camille was swiftly fired not too long after the season started. It was difficult for second stew Alissa to work with her, and was glad she no longer had to deal with Camille's attitude. However, Alissa wasn't any better, according to Fraser and Captain Sandy Yawn, who replaced Captain Lee Rosbach for a short time while dealing with a health issue. After Alissa talked back to Sandy in a way she did not appreciate, Sandy called her into the bridge, where she swiftly fired Alissa from the boat. Despite Alissa's wrongful firing, she is thriving post-Below Deck.


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Alissa Is In A Relationship

Alissa Is In A Better Space

Since leaving Below Deck season 10, Alissa has entered into a relationship. On March 13, Alissa shared a series of photos on her Instagram that included images of her and her new man. She wrote in the caption, "my world." His name is Alessandro, and he has also shared images of Alissa on his page. While he isn't tagged in any of the photos, Alessandro did leave two comments on Alissa's post. His comments were "My angel from heaven" and the princess and young man emoji. It seems the two are getting pretty serious.

my world.

It's Unclear If Alissa Still Works In Yachting

Below Deck: What Happened To Alissa Humber? (2)

Between the day this article was published and the summer of 2023, Alissa hasn't shared much about her yachting career. The last photo on her page of Alissa on a boat was from over a year ago, in February 2023. Nevertheless, Alissa seems to be enjoying life now that she's in a new relationship and out of the Bravo spotlight. If anything, Alissa likely keeps her work life private since appearing as a cast member on Below Deck.

Why Was Alissa Fired From Below Deck Season 10?

Below Deck Was Toxic For Alissa

Alissa was fired from Below Deck season 10, episode 13. The firing came shortly after her fellow castmate, Camille, was let go. Alissa's firing took place after a conversation with Captain Sandy went south. Sandy didn't think Alissa respected her as she didn't refer to Sandy as "Captain." She was over what she perceived as disrespect and fired Alissa from the yacht. Alissa left with her head held high as she and the audience knew it was uncalled for.

Nonetheless, Alissa is thriving after her time on Below Deck. She's in a new relationship and may even have a new career or at least a new yachting position she keeps close to the vest. It's unlikely viewers will ever see Alissa back on their screens after a disastrous season.

Below Deck airs Mondays at 9 p.m. EST on Bravo.

Source: Alissa/Instagram

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Below Deck: What Happened To Alissa Humber? (2024)
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