England vs New Zealand LIVE: Second women’s T20 – cricket score, radio commentary, video highlights and text updates (2024)

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  • England beat New Zealand by 23 runs on DLS to win second T20 in Hove

  • New Zealand were 42-5 in pursuit of 90 when rain returned

  • Charlie Dean takes 2-3 from one over

  • England make 89-6 from nine overs with Alice Capsey making 28 (15) and Maia Bouchier 23 (15)

  • England lead five-match series 1-0 after 59-run win on Saturday

  • Both sides building up to October's T20 World Cup in Bangladesh

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Live Reporting

Mike Peter

  1. Good nightpublished at 22:25 9 July

    22:25 9 July

    Well, what a time we've had tonight.

    Take a read of Tom Mallows' report before you head to bed. England have gone 2-0 in the T20s with tonight's win, with the chance to win the five-match series on Thursday at Canterbury.

    Meanwhile Wednesday morning is the opening day of the men's Test summer as England say goodbye to James Anderson in the first Test against the West Indies at Lord's.

    We'll be back at 10:00 BST for that, but get yourself prepared by reading the following:

    See you soon!

  2. Postpublished at 22:20 9 July

    22:20 9 July

    England captain Heather Knight: "It is practice of being under pressure and having a bit of chaos. You have to stay calm and make quick decisions and I thought we did that brilliantly today. Those wickets we took really killed the game.

    "Hitting boundaries is something we are good at, but we also kept the scoreboard moving around them and got up to a pretty good score."

  3. Postpublished at 22:17 9 July

    22:17 9 July

    New Zealand captain Sophie Devine: "Credit to the Sussex ground staff. Getting some kind of game on was achievement, with the rain we've had in the last 24 to 48 hours.

    "We've got to keep finding the positives, we've got a quick turnaround to Canterbury. I don't think we have time for training, it's probably about looking at footage and having some conversations."

  4. Postpublished at 22:16 9 July

    22:16 9 July

    Player of the match Charlie Dean: "[The award] is a bit of burglary, but I'll take it. Capsey and Bouch set the platform, and Heather at the end.

    "It's really clear I'm trying to take wickets and play with attacking fields. I'm really enjoying it."

  5. Watch highlights on Red Button and iPlayer *hold for interval and/or end*published at 22:15 9 July

    22:15 9 July

    BBC iPlayer

    And if you fancy something longer, we've got you covered.

    There was still plenty to enjoy in this shortened match, and we have a 30-minute highlights show on Red Button and BBC iPlayer from 23:15 BST tonight.

    It'll be available to catch up on too for 30 days so you can watch at your leisure.

  6. Postpublished at 22:09 9 July

    22:09 9 July

    Here are four of the five wickets that put England well on their way to victory.

  7. England win by 23 runs (DLS)published at 22:07 9 July

    22:07 9 July

    There we go.

    The players are shaking hands under the cover of the stands and England take the victory by 23 runs via DLS.

    Heather Knight's side go 2-0 up in this five-match series.

  8. Postpublished at 22:04 9 July

    22:04 9 July

    Daniel Norcross
    BBC Test Match Special commentator on BBC Sounds

    England batted with great dynamism to get to 89 and they were brilliant in the field.

  9. Postpublished at 22:03 9 July

    22:03 9 July

    Well, we're going to a little while for the inevitable.

    The players are hanging around in the boundary dug-outs and the umpires are under umbrellas on the outfield, but the crowd have mostly vacated the stands.

  10. Postpublished at 22:01 9 July

    22:01 9 July

    Alex Hartley
    Former England bowler on BBC Sounds

    Are we getting to crisis point with New Zealand? They are losing these games heavily.

  11. Postpublished at 22:00 9 July

    22:00 9 July

    Frankie Mackay
    Ex-New Zealand all-rounder on BBC Sounds

    I was full of hope and positivity. I've watched a lot of rain fall and now my mood reflects the grey skies that we've had.

    That one feels a little bit demoralising. The players will have felt that a nine-over game and winning the toss and a couple of early wickets that things were starting to go their way. A chase of 90 was not beyond the realms of possibility either.

  12. Rain stops playpublished at 6.4 overs

    6.4 overs

    And that's that.

    It was getting a bit silly out there, the rain is really coming down and the ground staff must have been getting itchy on the boundary.

    The teams won't get back on, but we've had five overs for each side and that constitutes a game - England will win this match by DLS.

    We'll do the maths and get back to you on the margin of victory.

  13. Postpublished at 21:58 9 July

    21:58 9 July

    Alex Hartley
    Former England bowler on BBC Sounds

    They've got to come off!

  14. Postpublished at 21:58 9 July

    21:58 9 July

    Daniel Norcross
    BBC Test Match Special commentator on BBC Sounds

    It is properly raining, I am surprised they are still out there.

    They would never have come out in this weather.

  15. NZ 36-5published at 6 overs

    6 overs

    54 needed from 18 balls

    Oh come on.

    After finally getting on, we've got some steady drizzle coming down just as the game heads to a conclusion.

    It looks like we'll continue for now, but if it's called off then England will take the win as New Zealand are well behind the rate.

    Meanwhile new batter Izzy Gaze adds two into the leg side from her second ball.

  16. Postpublished at 21:55 9 July

    21:55 9 July

    Daniel Norcross
    BBC Test Match Special commentator on BBC Sounds

    New Zealand are crumbling here.

  17. WICKETpublished at 5.2 overs

    5.2 overs

    J Kerr c Knight b Ecclestone 0 (NZ 32-5)

    The inevitable Ecclestone wicket!

    Even in a shortened game she gets one, dismissing Jess Kerr for a second-ball duck.

    The New Zealand batter tries to make room to cut, but just manages to smack the ball into the hands of Heather Knight at extra cover.

  18. NZ 31-4published at 5 overs

    5 overs

    Jess Kerr in at number six for New Zealand, finds the fielder and can't take a single from the final ball of the over.

  19. Postpublished at 21:52 9 July

    21:52 9 July

    Alex Hartley
    Former England bowler on BBC Sounds

    Every time I look over at Frankie Mackay she's got her head in her hands.

    I like the fact that New Zealand have gone for this, though, rather than batting out nine overs and seeing what happens.

  20. Postpublished at 21:52 9 July

    21:52 9 July

    Daniel Norcross
    BBC Test Match Special commentator on BBC Sounds

    That feels terminal for New Zealand's hopes.

    That was a good catch.

England vs New Zealand LIVE: Second women’s T20 – cricket score, radio commentary, video highlights and text updates (2024)
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