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14.6 overs (1 Run) Takes a bit of pace off the ball and dugs it in around the leg stump line, Virat Kohliadvances down the pitch and whips the pull away over mid-wicket for a single.

14.5 overs (1 Run) Too full, looking to spear it in at the toes, Shivam Dubebacks away a bit and hits the low full toss to deep mid-wicket for a run more.

14.4 overs (1 Run) A well-directed short ball, right at the helmet of the batter, Virat Kohlimanages to get inside the ball and hooks it down to fine leg for a single.

14.3 overs (0 Run) Marco Jansengoes into the pitch and angles it well across the off stump, Virat Kohlitries to fetch and pull but gets it off the toe end of the bat in front of mid-wicket for no run.

14.2 overs (1 Run) Drops the ball short now and aims it at the body, Shivam Dubehops back and fends it away towards backward square leg for one.

14.1 overs (6 Runs) SIX! Launched down the ground! Jansen serves it too full, angling in, on middle and leg, Shivam Dubebrings his long levers into play and nails the hit back over mid on for a biggie.

13.6 overs (1 Run) 1 run.

13.5 overs (0 Run) Hurls it on a length, at the stumps, Shivam Dubegoes for the big shot on the leg side as he swings across the line but gets an inside edge onto the pads.

13.4 overs (1 Run) Full and angling in, on middle and leg, Virat Kohliwhips it down to long on and takes a single.

13.3 overs (0 Run) OUT! RUN OUT! Outstanding work by Quinton de Kockand South Africaareco*ck-a-hoop! Axar Patelwas lazy in turning back and he paid the ultimate price. On a back of a length and angling in, around the pads, Virat Kohlimisses out on glancing it away. It comes off his pads and rolls to the left of the keeper, Quinton de Kock. Axar Patelsets off for the run but gets sent back by Kohli. Axar is slow to retreat and he is not expecting de Kock to fire the throw in. de Kock removes his gloves, swoops in and hits the stumps at the bowling end. The ball deflects off the stumps and touches the long on fence. South Africastart to celebrate and the third umpire is called into action. The replays show that Axar was slow to react and is caught short of his crease. He fails to make his ground despite the stretch.

Shivam Dubeis the new man in.

Shivam Dubehas not fired as Indiawould have wanted him to be. Can he deliver when it matters the most?

13.3 overs (1 Run) WIDE! Rabada digs it in short as he sees Kohli charge down the track. It goes way over the batter's head for a wide.

13.2 overs (1 Run) Rabada compensates by dragging his length and bowls it outside off, Axar Patelwaits back in his crease and pats it to the left of point for a single. 7 runs off the first 2 balls of the over.

13.1 overs (6 Runs) SIX! Clean as a whistle! 100 up for Indiain style! Rabada comes from around the wicket and tries to target the stumps. Gets the linewrong and serves it right in the slot. Axar Patelclears the front leg and with a still head, launches it over long on for a biggie.

12.6 overs (1 Run) Nortje goes into the deck, over middle, Axar Patelhops back and pulls it in front of square on the leg side for a single to end the over.

12.5 overs (0 Run) Beaten! Angling across the batter, on a short of a good length, too close for Axar Patelto play the cut and he gets beaten on the outside edge.

12.5 overs (1 Run) WIDE! Short and down leg by Nortje, Axar Patelgets inside the line and tries to help it away but fails to get any bat on it.

12.4 overs (1 Run) Slower and fuller by Nortje, outside off, Virat Kohlicracks the drive through covers and rotates the strike.

12.3 overs (0 Run) In and around the off pole, on a hard length, Virat Kohligets on his toes and guides it to backward point.

12.2 overs (1 Run) Sees the batter advance and pulls the length back does Nortje, on middle and leg, Axar Pateldrives it on the up to the right of mid off for one.

12.1 overs (1 Run) Nortje pitches it up, full and on the pads, Virat Kohliflicks it away off his pads to deep mid-wicket for a single.

11.6 overs (2 Runs) Aerial but safe! Shamsi bowls it short and gets a bit of extra bounce, spinning away, on off, Axar Patelrocks back to get it over backward point. Slices it up and over backward point for a couple of runs.

11.5 overs (6 Runs) SIX! Not exactly where Axar Patelintended but he gets the desired result! Floated up Shamsi, full and on off and middle, Axar Patelgets down for the slog sweep but the ball is a bit too full for him to execute the shot. Ends up hitting it flat and to the right of long on where Kagiso Rabadais standing a bit wide. Rabada sprints and slides to his right but the ball evades him for a six.

11.4 overs (1 Run) Drops it short and it is around the pads, Virat Kohliworks it around the corner and gets to the other end.

11.3 overs (1 Run) Oh, that was risky! Lopped by Shamsi, on middle, Axar Patelcrouches to nail the slog sweep but gets an inside edge back onto the pads and the ball rolls away on the leg side for a run.

11.2 overs (1 Run) A bit too straight by Shamsi, full and on the pads, Virat Kohliworks it with the turn behind square on the leg side for a single.

11.1 overs (0 Run) Shamsi floats it up, full and turning in, on middle and leg, Virat Kohligets a good stride in and tucks it to mid-wicket.

10.6 overs (1 Run) Jansen varies his length now as he goes short and at the left shoulder of the batter. The ball hurries Virat Kohliagain and gets big on him too. Kohli goes for the pull but gloves it along the ground to backward square leg for just a single.

10.6 overs (1 Run) WIDE! Missed out and Virat Kohliknows that as he moans in anguish. Too full and on the pads, Virat Kohlishapes up to help it away off his pads but misses the tickle.

10.5 overs (1 Run) Jansen brings the surface into play again as he bangs it in but takes all the pace off, on off and middle, Axar Patelwaits on it and guides it down to deep third for a single.

10.4 overs (1 Run) Bends his back and digs it in short does Jansen, at the batter, Virat Kohligets rushed in the pull shot and gets high on the bat as he swivels for the pull. Splices the pull in front of deep square leg for a run.

10.3 overs (1 Run) Slanting into the southpaw, on a back of a length, on off, Axar Patelrides the bounce well and steers it with an open bat face to deep third for an easy single.

10.2 overs (1 Run) Angling away, on a hard length, Virat Kohligets on top of the bounce and punches it square of the wicket on the off side for one more run.

10.1 overs (1 Run) In the air...but safe! Jansen comes from over the wicket and takes pace off straight away, on a length, outside off, Axar Patelloses his shape as he swings a bit too hard to go big on the leg side. Gets a thickish outside edge that flies down to deep third. Kagiso Rabadaalmost overruns it as the ball spins away from him but adjusts well to make the stop with his left hand. A single taken.

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  • South Africa vs India: T20 World Cup 2024 Live Cricket Score, Live Score Of Today's Match on NDTV Sports
  • South Africa vs India: T20 World Cup 2024 Live Cricket Score, Live Score Of Today's Match on NDTV Sports
Final, ICC Men's T20 World Cup, 2024, Jun 29, 2024 Match Ended SA 169/8 (20.0) IND 176/7 (20.0) Kensington Oval, Bridgetown, Barbados India beat South Africa by 7 runs

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South Africa vs India live score over Final T20 11 15 updates | Cricket News (2024)
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