Super Bowl Game Night: 10 Games For Your Watch Party (2024)

The Super Bowl is right around the corner. Fans are understandably getting excited for the big game.

Many people will be attending Super Bowl parties, and including games to play can be a fun way to entertain guests. There are a number of football-related games fans can play on Sunday, and today we will share 10 games beyond the box pool.

We will go beyond the usual games as well. Of course, a game of flag football before the Super Bowl is always fun. However, the following games can be played while being in the living room and watching the Super Bowl.

Bet on the Super Bowl Party Guests

This is a game that can be played by even non-football fans. It should be noted that this game is best suited for parties where everyone is close with each other.

To play, guests will all bet on which of their friends/family will do certain things first. For example, everyone could bet on which person will be the first to cheer during the game. Or, to make it more entertaining, betting on the first person to commit a party foul is an option.

This game is a great way to get everyone involved and make the non-football fans feel included.

Super Bowl Trivia

On the other hand, Super Bowl trivia will be the football fans' area of expertise. As a result, splitting into teams is probably the best way to approach Super Bowl trivia.

Creating even teams with an equal amount of knowledgeable football people can lead to a competitive trivia game. The trivia questions will revolve around the history of the Super Bowl.

There are plenty of Super Bowl trivia guides online, but here's a printable version via

Super Bowl Bingo

Super Bowl Bingo brings back the classic game in football fashion. You will hand out the sheets prior to the game and guests will cross out the actions they see on their sheets.

Again, this provides entertainment for everyone at the party. The added competition is also a good time.

Printable Super Bowl Bingo cards via

Super Bowl Commercial Bingo

How about Super Bowl Commercial Bingo?

With no shortage of commercials and many of the top brands getting into the action, Super Bowl Commercial Bingo is another way to play.

Super Bowl Commercial Bingo will be treated the same as Super Bowl Bingo, but it will obviously just utilize the commercials. Although the commercials already tend to hold most fans' interest, this will guarantee that everyone continues watching even during the commercial breaks.

Printable Super Bowl Commercial Bingo cards via

Rate/Judge the Commercials

Speaking of commercials, you can always just choose to rate and judge them. This doesn't require any extra sheets and can simply be done for fun.

In fact, most people watching the Super Bowl already do this. If a good/funny commercial is played, fans tend to mention it. But if you want to turn it into a game, guests can write down their ratings on a piece of paper.

Super Bowl Predictions

Making Super Bowl predictions is another enjoyable element of the big game. It's up to you, however, how in-depth you want to go with the predictions.

Of course, guests at the party can simply predict who is going to win the game and win the MVP award. Or, you could have everyone predict the score at halftime.

For passionate fans, predicting each play is an option. Although, that would require intense attention to detail. Nevertheless, making Super Bowl predictions can be quite fun. And you can entice guests with a prize for whoever gets the most predictions correct.

This game can also be fun when splitting into teams.

Paper Flick Football Tournament

For those who may not be as interested in the commercials or halftime, setting up a paper flick football game is an option. Of course, you can just fold a piece of paper into a triangle and have someone else set up their hands as a field goal post to play the game.

However, investing in a small field goal post would probably be worth it for this option. So how exactly do you have a tournament with flick paper field goal?

Well, you will start by creating a bracket. The tournament can include head-to-head matchups and can be single or double-elimination, depending on your preference.

The tournament can continue throughout the game.

Printable brackets can be found at

Football Charades

Football charades will typically be played before or after the game. Again, if you aren't interested in the commercials and/or halftime show, though, then playing the game during those times can also be an alternative.

Football charades is exactly how it sounds. Guests will act out a certain football pose or action, and their teammates will need to guess what it is. You can act out specific celebrations, historic moments, or certain styles of throwing the football.

For example, acting out Odell Beckham Jr's one-handed catch would be an easy one to guess.

Match the Mascot

Match the Mascot is another game where the entire family can get involved. Guests will receive a sheet of paper with one column displaying NFL teams, and the other column displaying NFL team mascots.

They will proceed to attempt to properly match each mascot with the correct team. This game can be played in teams or solo.

Printable Match the Mascot sheets via

Luck of the Draw

Finally, this game is a bit unique but can be quite fun.

To start, the host will write on small sheets of paper or print out an equal amount of team names playing in the game. For example, if your party has 12 guests then there would be six sheets of paper with the word "Chiefs" written on them, and six with the "49ers" written on them.

Prior to the game, you will pass the bowl around the room with guests all selecting pieces of paper. This will create teams. It's a great way to get fans involved, and adding a prize of some sort will only enhance the experience.

Additionally, if a passionate Chiefs fan ends up with a 49ers sheet of paper they will be in quite the predicament.

Super Bowl Game Night: 10 Games For Your Watch Party (2024)
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