What Happened To Raquel 'Rocky' Dakota After Below Deck Season 3? (2024)


  • Rocky transitioned out of yachting to pursue interests like diving and surfing in Hawaii.
  • Rocky found love post-Below Deck but still faces the grief of losing her sister in a tragic accident.
  • Rocky has embraced religion and patriotism, showcasing her faith and love for her country on social media.

Raquel "Rocky" Dakota was featured in Below Deck season 3 and has since been busy working outside the yachting industry. During her time working on the Eros megayacht, Rocky was a very polarizing figure. She brought a lot of energy to the show that was sometimes off-putting to her castmates and even the audience.

Rocky managed to grab the attention of Below Deck deckhand Emilie Kotze and even had a short-lived boatmance with bosun Eddie Lucas. Many crew members got along with Rocky, but some of her other relationships were more difficult. Rocky didn't have a good working relationship with Chief Stew Kate Chastain, especially after Rocky blamed Kate for firing Chef Leon Walker. The third stew even tried to get herself fired by stripping to her undergarments, jumping off the yacht, and swimming to another boat. Things did not work in Rocky's favor and stayed until the end of the season.


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Rocky Became A Diver After Below Deck

She Was A Competitive Diver

Rocky left the yachting industry shortly after Below Deck season 3 aired. In December 2016, Rocky decided to move to Hawaii, a place she had lived while she was in college. While living in Hawaii, Rocky chose to live out a dream of hers and worked as a surfer, a competitive national diver, as well as a cook (via Reality Titbit). According to Rocky's Instagram, it's unclear if she's still a professional diver. She hasn't shared an update on her diving since 2021.

Rocky Was In A Relationship

She Dated A Guy Named Mark

While Rocky's love life was a mess on Below Deck, she found love with a man named Mark over five years ago (via Distractify). The couple appeared to be very happy together, plus they shared a love of outdoor activities such as hiking, surfing, and boating. Rocky, who had a tumultuous relationship with Eddie, has her Instagram open again, but it was private at one point.

They began dating in 2021.

Internet sleuths found the cute snaps of the couple when Rocky's account was set to private. However, Rocky hasn't confirmed or denied that the pair is still together. She hasn't posted about him in a while, but still follows the account she tagged him as, so their current relationship status is unclear.

Rocky's Sister Passed Away

She Passed In 2017

What Happened To Raquel 'Rocky' Dakota After Below Deck Season 3? (2)

After her stint on Below Deck it was also discovered that Rocky's younger sister, Sophia Tiare Bartlow, passed away in a tragic car accident in 2017 while driving with her then-boyfriend Sage Candelaria. Rocky used to share photos of her sister on social media by frequently memorializing her with posts. The former stew had been vocal about her struggles with mourning the death of her sister and wanting to help others who have gone through similar situations.

Rocky has shared a lot about her sister on Instagram for quite some time.

Rocky Has Turned To Religion

She's Posting Religious Verses

In the last few years, Rocky's Instagram has included a lot of bible verses or some type of religious quoting. During her time on Below Deck, Rocky never spoke about religion and how it impacts her life; therefore, it seems Rocky has become more religious since her time on the Bravo series. One of her most recent posts on Instagram from May 29 shows an image of a sandy beach with this phrase written in the sand, "God is good...all the time...God is good!" Rocky shared another post in April, which is a video of her seemingly attending a church event that included live music.

Besides her newfound love for religion, Rocky is also very patriotic. Over the Memorial Day weekend, Rocky shared several images indicating her dedication to her country, the United States. On May 25, she shared an image of herself holding a Coca-Cola vintage bottle while wearing a bikini with the U.S. flag. Then, on May 27, she posted two images of the American flag. Rocky didn't provide a caption, but it's clear she was celebrating the long weekend with pride.

Rocky has since moved on from her days on Below Deck season 3 and is enjoying her life out of the spotlight. She didn't get the best edit on the show, but Rocky has since moved on from her days as a reality star and a yacht stew. Rocky is enjoying her life beachside, away from cameras or any Below Deck alums.

Below Deck is available to stream on Peaco*ck.

Sources: Reality Titbit, Distractify, Raquel Dakota/Instagram

What Happened To Raquel 'Rocky' Dakota After Below Deck Season 3? (3)
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What Happened To Raquel 'Rocky' Dakota After Below Deck Season 3? (2024)
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