Prof. M.P. (Maikel) Peppelenbosch, PhD - Researcher - Erasmus MC (2024)


Field(s) of expertise

Experimental Medicine
Translational Gastroenterology
Translational Hepatology
Signal transduction
Developmental Biology
Cell Biology
Molecular Biology
Cancer Research
Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Oesophageal cancer
Stomach cancer
Pancreatic cancer
Colon cancer
Liver cancer

Education and career

1985-1989 M.Sc. Utrecht University, specialization Molecular Neurobiology (with Willem-Hendrik Gispen)
1989-1993 Hubrecht Laboratory Ph.D (cum laude)on Developmental Biology
1993-1995 Junior Post Doc with Hans Bos (Utrecht Univerisity)- signal transduction
1995-1996 Junior Post Doc with Anne Ridley (Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research, London) - cell Biology
1996-1998 Senior Post Doc with Walter Fiers (VIB, Ghent, Belgium) - Biotechnology
1998-2004 Principal investigator at the AMC (Amsterdam) - Gastroenterology
2004-2009 Full Professor of Cell Biology and Immunology (University of Groningen)
2009-now Full professor of Experimental Gastroenterology and Head-of-the-Laboratory, Erasmus MC


A complete overview of publications can be found on PubMed

Teaching activities

1998 - now Supervisor (promotor or co-promotor) > 50 Ph.D theses
2002 - Accrediting committee novel master Oncology
2002 - Master coordinator Medical Biology at the AMC
2012 - Production of text book: Medische Celbiologie (Publisher de Tijstroom)
2012 - Accrediting committee novel Bachelor Clinical Technology
2013 - now: Coordinator and lecturer of multiple courses within the Bachelor clinical Technology
2016 - Bachelor Coordinator Clinical Technology at the Erasmus MC
2018 - Senior Didactic Qualification (SKO)

2008 - Member of the Academic Mission to Mexico and Brazil of the RUG.
2010 - Member of the Higher Education Mission of the City of Rotterdam to São Paulo (headed by Mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb).
2011 - Member of the Higher Education Mission of the City of Rotterdam to New Delhi (headed by Mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb).
2013 - Member of the Dutch Economic Mission to China (headed by the Minister of Health Care, Edith Schippers).
2015 - Member of the Mission of the Erasmus MC to Guangzhou (headed by the Dean of the Erasmus MC, Jaap Verweij)
2016 - Member of the Mission of the Erasmus MC to Hong Kong (headed by the Dean of the Erasmus MC, Jaap Verweij and the Chair of the Board, Ernst Kuipers

Other positions

2004 - Космодром Байконур (Baikonur Cosmodrome), Kazakhstan. PI at the Delta Mission (launch of André Kuipers)
2004-2008 / 2014 -present : Scientific Council of the Maag Darm Lever Stichting
2007-2010 : NWO ALW VICI committee
2012 -now : NWO ALW TOP committee (also as president)
2017 : Panel member for the MRC’s Clinical Infrastructure Initiative (UK). Co-responsibility for a budget of £ 170.000.000,-
2017 : NWO TKI committee (president)
2017 : MLDS TKI committee (president)

Scholarships, grants, and awards

1994 ► cum laude PhD
1996 ► Two year personal fellowship of the “Koningin Wilhelmina Fonds”
2004 ► Youngest full professor in The Netherlands
2008 ► Best paper award from the Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine.
2013 ► Ecco fellowship
2016 ► Aspire awardee
2016 ► Winner EBBL biomarker validation award

Current substantial support:
NWO MW : Making rodents obsolete for research in Barrrett’s oesophagus (€ 297 000,-); MRACE : Defining the molecular mechanisms driving progression of gastric intestinal metaplasia (€ 250 000). MRACE : Defining the molecular mechanisms driving progression of esophageal intestinal metaplasia (€ 250 000). MRACE : Comparing the IBD microbiome : Rotterdam versus Hongkong (€ 497 000).

Substantial past support:
Dutch Burn wounds foundation: [09-102] Preventing Scar formation by targeting PAR activation” (€ 260 000, until 1/1/2014); Dutch Cancer Society “The role of phosphatases in cancer” (€ 320 000; until 1/1/2015); Cystic Fibrosis foundation. “Guanylin treatment in Cystic Fibrosis”.[2010-001] (€ 260 000; until 1/1/2014).“ASB11 for in vitro expansion of intestinal stem cells” [840.12.001] (€ 40 000; until 1/1/2014). MRACE: “Profiling of the human gut microbiome”. € 146 007,-. Dutch Cancer Society : “Selecting oesophageal cancer patients benefiting from targeting the Hedgehog pathway” (≈ € 500 000); AACR : “iPACT – Identifying Personalized, Appropriate Cancer Therapy” € 1.174.684,00.NWO (Government sponsored research): NWO MW: “Tissue Factor-dependent signalling” [902-26-211]. (Fl 280 000); NWO MW : “Anti oncogenic action of NSAIDs: Mechanism of action” [901-01-228] (Fl 265 000); NWO ALW: “Influence of microgravity on the activation of NF-B” Additional funding for reagents. (€144 000); NWO ALW “Asb-11 as a regulator of central nervous system size” [817.02.002] (€ 274 000); NWO STW: “Identification of the molecular signals mediating differentiation of bone marrow cells into myocardium: the role of morphogenes and signal transduction"" [APG5937] (€510 000); NWO Casimir “Kinome profiling as an early detection device for lead compound off-target actions” [018.001.019] (€159 500); Dutch Cancer Society Fellowship (Fl.300 000) & “Action of Cytokines in the signal transduction of the Rho protein family of small GTPases” [UVA 1998-1855] (Fl 560 000); Dutch foundation for the digestive diseases: Usefulness of Lactococcus Lactis genetically engineered to produce Hedgehog for the treatment and prevention of colorectal cancer.” (€ 117 403); Dutch Heart foundation: “Tissue Factor-dependent signalling” [99.188]. (Fl 320 000); NIH/NIDDK: “Defining the Multiple Myeloma Kinome” [482446] ($153 232); “The Hematopoietic Kinome” [R21 DK71872-01] ($ 135 802); Marie Curie Trainingsite: “Molecular mechanisms of cytokine-related disease” [MCFH-1999-00487] (€ 180 000); IAG (regional action fund, Groningen) “Ontwikkeling van nieuwe stabiele specifieke geneesmiddelen” [IAG-B09] (€ 471 500): TI Pharma “Identification of novel kinases involved in cancer-relevant processes” [T3-3] (€ 1 639 997); “Neuromodulation of innate immune responses” [T1-215] (€ 963 600). NWO ALW “Asb-11 as a regulator of central nervous system size” [817.02.002] (€ 260 000).


1. Ph.D cum laude (highest honour possible at Utrecht University)
2. Personal fellowship from the Dutch Cancer Foundation
3. Best Paper Award from the society for Experimental Biology (Bijlsma et al.) 2008
4. Editorial/advisory board: “Gut”, “Journal of Crohn’s and Colitis” ""British Medical Journal – Cases” amongst others.
5. Youngest full professor in The Netherlands (2004)
6. Representative from the Dutch scientific community during state visit of HRH prince Willem-Alexander of Orange to Brazil.
7. Investigator with highest impact on the field in the Netherlands 2004-2009. Analysis by the Dutch Foundation for the digestive diseases (2010).
8. ECCO fellowship 2013
9. H factor (29/4/2019 - WoS) 67

Prof. M.P. (Maikel) Peppelenbosch, PhD - Researcher - Erasmus MC (2024)
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